Piada Piada

Foodtruck Members October 3, 2016 COFTA



Description:It’s lean… it’s mean… and it’s a 25 foot long machine. Yeah – it’s the Piada Food Truck. This beast will be trolling Columbus to bring lucky offices and local events some Piada deliciousness. Piadas are our signature item with various flavors and ingredients. Or for large events we are happy to work with our Guest to make a menu just for you, your taste and your party. Don’t miss out!
Food Type:Italian Street Food: Piadas, Pastas & Salads
Signature Item: The Piada is an Italian thin crust dough, baked on our grill and hand-rolled with fresh, authentic ingredients.

Phone: (419) 206-2889
Email: ksullivan@thepiadagroup.com
Website: https://mypiada.com/blog/columbus-food-truck
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Piada-Food-Truck-6973
Twitter: @mypiada