Advocate, Communicate and Educate

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MISSION: The Central Ohio Food Truck Association (COFTA) is the industry association advocating for food truck owners and mobile food vendor operators serving central Ohio. We were established to provide a platform for advocacy, communication and education for our members and the community they serve.

ABOUT: The Central Ohio Food Truck Association was established in 2012 as the industry association for food trucks. We are a collective of entrepreneurs in an industry that has seen a tremendous amount of growth locally and nationally. The regulations that govern us are outdated. Our initial primary focus is to advocate for food truck friendly laws in the community we serve.

ADVOCATE: Advocate on behalf of our members to ensure we are operating in the most mobile food vendor friendly environment possible.

COMMUNICATE: Serve as the single voice for our industry. Provide a source for information among our members and to the outside community which we serve.

EDUCATE: Create a standard of best practices for our members to follow that ensure we are operating at a high level.

IMPORTANCE: Like any industry, it is important to come together in a collective and professional manner. It is important to have a voice, a seat at the table with local or state government so we can represent our position on matters that impact us the most. It is important to provide a central place to communicate with one another in a productive manner on issues that impact our business. It is important to educate ourselves to become better stewards for our industry.
Mobile food vendor owners and operators create jobs and contribute to our local economy. Many of our members have a focus on sourcing local. Our industry allows us to test market concepts before making the larger investment into a bricks and mortar restaurant. We have members that operate mobiles and restaurants both. We support our community from an economic standpoint and also from a charitable standpoint. Mobiles volunteer time and provide food for many worthy causes around central Ohio. We fundraise for your schools or sports programs and many other worthwhile causes. We have become an integral part of the community.

Zach James– President / Owner Paddy Wagon
Eric Griffiths- Treasurer / Owner Cheesy Truck
Lisa Cunningham- Secretary / Owner Philly Buster
Deliea Griffiths- Membership Director/ Owner Angry Wiener
Jim Pashovich- Events Director / Owner Pitabilities