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Momma Can Cook

Description:Momma Can Cook Food Truck is family owned and we have so much fun. The approach we take with our food is “Homestyle meets Gourmet”. When you take a bite, you can taste the love and passion. And if you are wondering…. Momma CAN Cook, there is no doubt about it. Our menu varies; we have signature items and items that rotate. We love to do all types of events including but limited to; weddings, corporate events, graduation, festivals, etc.
Food Type:Homestyle Meets Gourmet
Signature Item: Adobo Chicken Burrito which is filled with chicken marinated in an adobo sauce. Served with rice and melted cheese. Topped with fresh pico de gallo, lime, cilantro sour cream and fresh cilantro.

Phone: (614) 813-4484
Twitter: @MommaCanCook07