Nothin But Nadas Nothin But Nadas

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Nothin But Nadas


Description:Nothin But Nadas specializes in deep sautéed empanadas. Popular in the Caribbean, they go by many names , as just about every culture has their own version of this tasty dish (Jamaican meat pies, calzones, pasties, pocket pies, etc.). We make traditional favorites like beef and chicken empanadas, but like to have fun with the fillings, like in our buffalo mac & cheese and sloppy joe empanadas.
Food Type:Empanadas
Signature Item: Our beef empanada is our most popular item. It has lean ground beef, red and green peppers, red onions, potatoes, and Caribbean seasonings, all inside a flaky, deep sautéed pastry.

Phone: (614) 226-8961
Twitter: @nothinbutnadas