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Description:Bring the Food Truck to your office, home, neighborhood…just about anywhere to enjoy our amazing flavors! Contact us to come to your office for lunch, corporate picnic, cater your, graduation, birthday , or wedding. We’ll make your event an experience your guest will be talking about for a long time!
Now also offering our PitaBar, all the ingredients to make your own amazing Pitas and Salads! Perfect for office meeting and parties at home. We drop it off and your guest have fun creating!
Food Type:Mediterranean/Middle Eastern Fusion
Signature Item: We started in 1986 with our Original Greek Gyro! Served with grilled onion, our family Bella Sauce, feta cheese, lettuce, tomatoes,, cucumbers and sliced Kalamata olives.

Phone: (614) 216-6310
Email: jim@pitabilities.com
Website: http://www.pitabilities.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pitabilities
Twitter: @pitabilities